Lash Coaching Sessions

Sometimes the world of an eyelash stylist is a bit complicated and lonely, especially at the beginning, with so much offer and information available, we don’t know where to start or who to turn to.
Sometimes we only need to consult some details and not attend a complete training, or simply get some advise on the financial part, products, customer management… I know, I have gone through the same thing throughout these 15 years of experience, I have investigated a lot and spent thousands of euros on training.

That is why I have created these mentoring or coaching sessions, where we can meet virtually to answer any questions and have professional support.
In addition to technical details, in my sessions I will explain my method, how to work in a more conscious and respectful way with oneself and with those around us in order to enjoy this incredible profession to the fullest. I assure you that you can earn money without working yourself to death, I’m getting it.


The sessions will be by zoom or video call, without commitment in number of sessions, they can be done in isolation, at your own pace.


The exchange per session is €70 per hour.
You can book yours calling or texting at 0034691273881.

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