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Marbellash’s specialty is eyelash extensions thanks to more than 10 years of experience in the sector. No eyelash application is the same as another, since we make a personalized design adapted to the features of each person, always respecting the health of natural eyelashes. This is a fundamental issue, in addition to enhancing the look, we take care of the natural eyelashes by controlling the volume and length of the extensions and respecting the times for retouching.

With the eyelash extensions we enhance the eyes by creating different effects playing with the sizes and curvatures, depending on the needs and tastes of the client.

Extensiones de pestañas en Marbella - San Pedro Alcantara


The process usually takes about 2 hours, depending on the amount of lashes and the desired style.

The highest quality synthetic fiber lashes are used as well as the adhesive (medical grade) and the rest of the materials, carefully selected to guarantee hygiene and safety.


  • Classic lashes 1×1: the most natural technique. We add an extension on each natural eyelash lengthening and thickening. They are ideal for people with enough amount of lashes looking to enhance their eyes and forget about mascara
  • Russian volume 2D to 6D: we add fans of 2 to 6 super fine extensions on each natural lash to give more volume and quantity. Ideal for thin lashes or for those who want to achieve a fuller effect.
  • Super Volume: the most dramatic effect, we add fans of 6 to 15 lashes to completely fill the eye. For the most daring!
  • Hybrid lashes: a special technique in which we combine volume with classic ones to add subtle thickness and definition.
  • Lower lashes: to forget about mascara completely, we add extensions to the lower lashes. One of the newest techniques
  • Infills: the extensions are filled or retouched every 2 or 3 weeks, since the eyelashes, like all the hair of the body, have a cycle of renewal, growth and fall. In this way we ensure the health of natural eyelashes and they will always look perfect.

    *We do not carry out fillings from other centers, since each professional uses a different technique and products. To ensure a perfect result, we remove the eyelashes and perform a complete set.

Extensiones de pestañas - Marbellash - Marbella - San Pedro