Lash Design

This course is the sumun to become an eyelash professional. It is what will differentiate you from being a lash technician to a lash artist.

In it, I have compiled my knowledge and different training in eye design so that you can enjoy this powerful tool, because it is not enough to just apply the eyelashes, it is about enhancing the features of each person.

It is a training aimed at professionals who have experience, since we will focus exclusively on the artistic part. The technical details are explained in the other trainings I offer.



10:00 am: -Entry and payment. We start with the theory.
12.00: -Coffee break
12.30pm: -Theory
2:00 p.m.: -Lunch
3.15pm: -Reception of models and practice
6.30pm: -Delivery of diplomas

* The end time can be extended as needed until 7:00 p.m.

At the end of the course there will be a month of post-training follow-up, after this, you will be able to enjoy the lash coaching sessions.


With materials for practice included €550

The reservation is formalized with a deposit of €100 per transfer or bizum. This reservation is non-refundable, but the date can be changed with a minimum 10 days in advance.

*In case you cannot bring a model, please notify us a week in advance. If you need us to provide a model, it will have an extra cost of €50
*The planning can vary according to the needs, the practical part can be extended if it is necessary to resolve more doubts, so it must be taken into account that you can stay until 7:00 p.m.
*For private training, check price and availability.
*The dates of the formations are published by instagram or you can contact us privately.

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